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Eight Development Trends of Foundation Pile Machinery

August 31, 2022

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Eight Development Trends of Foundation Pile Machinery


Domestic and foreign pile machinery jet grouting rig and other product technology have gone from a mature period to a modern period, the comprehensive technical level of pile machinery jumped to a new level so that people see a new pile machinery industry. So what are the eight development trends of the future pile machinery (jet grouting drill, etc.) industry?


1. Energy Saving

According to the data released by the Environmental Protection Bureau, the pollution proportion of pile machinery rotary jet drilling rigs and other equipment industries is large. Because the country's requirements for emissions such as rotary jet drilling rigs have been relatively loose, which makes the market full of a large number of high-emission products and seriously pollutes the environment. Therefore, the industry calls on the domestic pile machinery industry to take the road of energy conservation and environmental protection. The strict requirements put forward by the state also make pile machinery enterprises have to put energy conservation and environmental protection in an important position in their development strategies. At present, with the development of jet grouting technology, jet grouting pile machinery rig has made great progress in energy conservation and environmental protection, and gradually reached international standards.


2. Modular Design

In the future, with the development of the country's pile machinery industry, it has gradually become the goal of manufacturers to provide users with high reliability, good performance, high mobility, maintainability, and economical rotary jet drilling rigs. Therefore, in order to meet the personalized needs of users, manufacturers should adopt multi-model and small-batch production methods to develop new rotary spray equipment with high quality and low prices at the fastest speed. The most effective way to achieve the above requirements is to adopt modular design principles, methods, and technologies.


3. Intelligent

With the development of science and technology, intelligence will gradually become the mainstream trend in the development of piling machinery, which not only can effectively improve efficiency but also significantly reduce production costs. In the face of fierce global competition, China's piling machinery industry has been taking the road of intelligence.


4. People-oriented to achieve human-computer interaction

The future application of electronic technology in piling machinery will greatly simplify the operator's operating procedures and improve the technical performance of the machine, thus truly realizing the "human-machine interaction" effect.


5. Multi-purpose Machine

One machine's multi-purpose, diversified operation function is a new technical feature of piling machinery and equipment in recent years, and will also be a major trend in the future development of piling machinery and equipment manufacturing.


6. Development towards Mechatronics

With the continuous development of science and technology, the performance requirements of piling machinery are constantly improving. The application of electronic control devices in pile machinery will be more extensive and the structure will be more complex. Especially with the increase of the country's import and domestic pile construction machinery ownership year by year, how to make good use of these expensive pile construction machinery, make it play the maximum efficiency, mechatronics is undoubtedly the development direction of pile construction machinery now and in the future.


7. Pay more attention to the Development and Selection of Components

The key parts of pile construction machinery are the foundation, support, and bottleneck of the development of engineering machinery products. In order to gain a greater competitive advantage in the future market competition, the design of pile machinery will pay more attention to the selection of good quality parts and pay more attention to the generalization, standardization, and integration of parts.

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