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Precautions for Using XiTan Exploration Equipment Drilling Rig

September 6, 2022

Latest company case about Precautions for Using XiTan Exploration Equipment Drilling Rig for Using XiTan Exploration Equipment Drilling Rig

In order to better ensure the use of customer drilling rigs, our sales staff not only do a good job in pre-sales but also provide good after-sales service. Recently, many customers have been worried about the operation and use of drilling rigs. We have summarized the following points for your reference, hoping to help you.

1. Pay attention to the temperature changes of the moving parts, oil pump, hydraulic motor, bearing, motor, and other places if the temperature does not exceed 70 °C, the oil temperature should not exceed 65 °C, otherwise, it should be shut down to check and deal with.

2. The tank should have enough clean hydraulic oil, the tank should be added according to the standard high L-HM46 anti-wear hydraulic oil, (tank volume and initial filling amount see the product specification). Hydraulic oil technical indicators must comply with the provisions of the tank to join the hydraulic oil and must be filtered through a 10μm filter oil filter. (This is for XL, GL, DGZ, RJP, XDQ, and XDL series drilling rigs. (See the instructions for other drilling rigs)

3. The replacement of hydraulic oil must be cleaned before the hydraulic tank, the new replacement of hydraulic oil must meet the requirements of hydraulic pump cleanliness, and hydraulic oil to the tank must be through the oil filter.

4. After the rig is connected, first click the motor, watch the motor is reversed, it's steering to the oil pump drive bracket or pump on the arrows marked with the same direction, confirm the correct, officially boot, no-load running after a few minutes, no abnormal sound, trial operation of the moving parts to and fro, after excluding abnormal conditions, can be loaded construction.

5. During the drilling process of the drilling rig, the power head is strictly prohibited from reversing. Only when the drill pipe is removed and the thread is connected, the drill pipe in the hole can be clamped firmly.

6. Operators should operate according to the provisions of the specification, the commutation should not be too fast, so as not to cause hydraulic shock or damage parts.


Precautions for Using XiTan Exploration Equipment Drilling Rig


7. In the process of drilling often observe the pressure gauge, monitor reading changes, found abnormal timely processing. (see instructions)

8. During the drilling process, it is strictly prohibited to stand within the rotation range of the drilling rig platform, and it is strictly prohibited to touch the moving rotating part. When loading and unloading the drill pipe, attention should be paid to the coordinated operation and safety of the operation.

9. Regularly replace the oil filter, so as not to cause the filter blocking oil resistance.

10. After the end of each shift clean the drilling rig, drilling rig random accessories tools should be complete, vulnerable parts and spare parts are insufficient, contact the purchase at any time, if a long time is not used, according to the instructions lubrication key parts.

11. Long-distance relocation, removed tubing, high-pressure hose to be coiled neatly. All joints are sealed with joint caps to prevent dirt from entering and polluting hydraulic oil.

12. In the lifting, handling, and transportation process, should pay attention to the protection of the pressure gauge, operating panel, handle, exposed tubing joints, sensors, cooler fans, exposed parts of the cylinder rod, etc., to avoid bumps, causing damage.

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