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Process Description and Functional Requirements Analysis of Geological Drilling

August 19, 2022

Latest company case about Process Description and Functional Requirements Analysis of Geological Drilling

Process Description and Functional Requirements Analysis of Geological Drilling



Geological drilling is a complex nonlinear, time-delay, and strong coupling process, which includes two parts: ground equipment and drilling tools. The ground equipment mainly includes the lifting system composed of the crane and the traveling vehicle and the drilling fluid circulation system composed of the mud pump. The drilling tool part in the hole is mainly the drilling system of the drilling tool combination. During the whole drilling process, the ground and the various systems in the hole are coordinated and drilled under the optimal parameters to ensure a safe and efficient drilling process.



latest company case about Process Description and Functional Requirements Analysis of Geological Drilling  0

Geological drilling process


With the drilling process, the formation changes, and the optimal value of the equipment parameters of each system will change. If the operation is still carried out according to the previous parameters, the drilling efficiency will be reduced slightly, and the drilling accident will occur. The monitoring of drilling parameters can effectively observe the parameter changes under the current working condition. Combined with intelligent prediction, safety warning, and parameter optimization algorithm, it can let the personnel in the good field know the probability of failure and the optimal parameters of the current working condition in advance, which can not only avoid the occurrence of failure but also improve the work efficiency.

Rotating speed, drilling speed, drilling pressure, torque, hook load and other drilling parameters are the key monitoring parameters in the drilling process. The parameter changes of this drilling equipment directly affect the efficiency and safety of the drilling process. Real-time data is the primary requirement of condition monitoring. If abnormal data are not monitored and identified in time and decision-making is analyzed in case of sudden formation or special working conditions, drilling accidents may occur. At present, the vast majority of drilling site drillers will deploy an industrial computer equipped with a monitoring system to provide some help for data monitoring of drilling. In fact, the driller can only see the change in monitoring data in the driller’s room. The analysis of the change rule of parameters and the ability of intelligent decision-making is relatively lacking, so it is necessary to have experts to analyze and make decisions on the drilling process data. The monitoring system deployed in the field is not convenient for experts to remotely make decision analyses on the real-time drilling data.



The condition monitoring App monitors the drilling parameters of the actual drilling engineering, and the object-oriented is the operator of the geological drilling process. Therefore, it is not only necessary to take into account the good user interaction experience, but also, more importantly, it needs to be highly professional. According to the data collected and transmitted in the actual drilling site and the needs of workers, the condition monitoring App has the following functional design requirements :

1. Geological drilling process is prone to accidents, and real-time remote monitoring and early warning of drilling-related parameters are needed;
2. The multivariate presentation of drilling data in the form of charts can make users observe data changes more intuitively;
3. Drilling data is time series data. Mining data correlation based on an intelligent algorithm and optimizing its parameters can improve drilling efficiency and increase safety guarantee;
4. App can monitor real-time data of multiple different drilling fields, and can realize borehole switching according to user operation;
5. Apps need to have different user permissions and have an easy-to-use human-computer interaction interfaces and good operating experience;

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