Applications of Jet-grouting Technology

January 30, 2021

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Applications of Jet-grouting Technology


Jet-grouting technology has a number of major benefits, including simple and secure installation procedures that don't interfere with other operations. When compared to alternative and competing solutions, this frequently leads to shorter building times. Jet grouting decreases ground vibration which is frequently associated with other soil improvement technologies when utilized as a soil improvement technique for building foundations. This benefit is especially significant in densely populated areas since construction-related noise might harm nearby infrastructure.

In the literature on construction, there are a number of case studies of jet grouting. These applications can be as straightforward as a groundwater cut-off wall or as sophisticated as structural underpinning.

An illustration of a typical list of jet-grouting uses shows:



Typical Equipment
The following pieces of medium-sized equipment are often used to carry out a typical jet-grouting operation:

This mast height typically enables the construction of most jet-grouted columns without the need for additional rods to be rigged up.


Quality Control
Modern jet grouting calls for the installation of complex sensors at the pump and drill rig connected to a computer station. During the drilling and jetting operations, these sensors are necessary to maintain control over all the parameters mentioned above.

Sensors are installed to measure grout pressure and flow, withdraw speed and rotation, and drilling rod depth in real-time. All these characteristics can be recorded and stored by a computer on the drill rig, enabling control over each stage of drilling and jetting. The computer then stores the obtained data, making it accessible in printed copy or electronically.

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