Reliable Supplier Jet Grouting Anchor Drilling Rig

September 22, 2022

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Reliable Supplier Jet Grouting Anchor Drilling Rig


Introduction of Jet Grouting Anchor Drilling Rig
Jet Grouting anchor drill is a drilling tool in coal mine roadway anchor support work. It has outstanding superiority in improving support effect, reducing support cost, speeding up lane formation, reducing pavement transportation, reducing labor intensity and improving utilization rate of lane section.
It affects the quality of anchor support-the accuracy of anchor hole orientation, depth, hole diameter and anchor installation quality, as well as the personal safety of operation, labor illumination and working conditions.

Jet Grouting Anchor Drilling Rig Working Principle
1. In the layered rock layer, the anchor rod suspends the lower unstable rock layer on the upper stable rock layer. The wrong rod is pulled by the suspended rock layer.
2. In a thin rock layer without a solid rock layer, the clamping force of the anchor rod increases the friction between the layers after the anchor rod is installed, and this friction prevents the rock from continuing to slide along the layers, thus locking several thin rock layers into a thick rock layer by the anchor rod. The maximum bending stress and strain within this thick rock beam is inversely proportional to the square of the thickness of the beam; the thicker the integrated rock beam, the smaller the maximum bending stress and strain. At the same time, the strength of the anchor rod itself increases the overall shear capacity of the beam.
3. The principle of anchor rod combination arch, when installing prestressed anchor rod in the rupture zone of the surrounding rock of the donor-shaped roadway, compressive stresses distributed in the form of circular loose bodies will be formed at both ends of the rod. If the anchor rods are arranged along the top plate, the compressive stresses formed by each anchor rod will be staggered and overlapped, forming a pressure-bearing arch to prevent the rupture zone from spreading, and this arch can bear the radial load imposed by the broken rock above it.


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Jet Grouting Anchor Drilling Rig is a fully hydraulic crawler drilling rig that can meet the requirements of various construction techniques by integrating deep foundation pit slope anchoring, rotary jet, and waterfall. This drilling rig is developed by our company after long-term market research and customer communication to meet the complex deep foundation pit anchor support construction conditions, with the deep foundation pit slope support process as the main, rotary jet construction as a supplement. It has the characteristics of good mobility, a wide range of operating holes, high efficiency, good drilling quality, low pollution, etc.

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