Slope Anchorage Protection-Anchor Frame Construction Diagram

September 19, 2022

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Slope Anchorage Protection-Anchor Frame Construction Diagram


一、 General Requirements
1. Broken and uneven slope must be loose pumice and rock slag removal, with mortar rubble to fill the hole, the slope gap closed treatment. The slope is smooth and dense after repair.
2. In the process of slope excavation and drilling, the lithology and structure are cataloged and comprehensively analyzed. When the difference is large compared with the design, it is submitted to the supervision engineer for approval.
3. The waste slag of slope repair should be piled up according to the relevant provisions, and should not pollute the environment.
4. When pouring concrete, the template should be fixed with support.


Slope Anchorage Protection-Anchor Frame Construction Diagram REQUIREMENT


二、 Anchor Frame Construction

1. Anchor Frame Construction Process Diagram

2. Construction Points

(1) The anchor hole position and the frame are accurately positioned, and the vertical beam and the beam rib contour are excavated. The slope must be grooved, and the depth meets the design requirements.

(2) Anchor hole drilling should use dry drilling without water, in order to prevent the deterioration of slope geological conditions due to drilling construction.

(3) the drilling process should be responsible for a person, the geological conditions and drilling detailed records, if inconsistent with the design, shall immediately stop drilling and timely feedback, take measures.

(4) After the drilling hole with high-pressure wind hole cleaning, the hole wall shall not have clay or silt.

(5) Frame template assembly to be flat, tight, clearance size to be accurate, and in line with design requirements. The surface of the template should be brushed with an isolating agent to facilitate demolding. When pouring concrete, the formwork should be supported and fixed.

(6) The frame should be constructed in pieces, each piece consists of 2 ~ 3 columns and their beams, the top beam. A 2cm-wide expansion joint should be reserved at the contact area of the adjacent frame and filled with the asphalt-impregnated wood board of the same size as the frame end.


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3. Quality Control Points and Supervision Points

(1) Hole position, aperture, and inclination meet the design requirements. Hole spacing allowable deviation ± 50mm, orifice elevation soil 100mm.

(2) Anchor frame appearance straight, beautiful, no hemp surface, concrete strength meets the design requirements.


Anchor Frame Construction Construction Points

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