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How to Choose the Model of Crawler Anchor Drill Rig?

August 30, 2022

Latest company case about How to Choose the Model of Crawler Anchor Drill Rig?

How to Choose the Model of Crawler Anchor Drill Rig?


The anchor drilling rig is more and more widely used in the slope protection industry, with the increasing demand for slope protection reinforcement projects, grouting reinforcement is closely related to the anchor drilling rig, with the continuous replacement of products, the quality of the project has been improved. This article mainly discusses how to choose the model of the crawler anchor drilling rig.


一、Purchase Principles

1. The selection and purchase of anchor drilling rigs suitable for production should take into account the needs of engineering implementation and production. It should give priority to the interests of the benefits needs of the construction project, reasonably and effectively analyze the demand, demand mode, and performance requirements of the crawler anchor drilling rig in the project, and take "small cost, high efficiency" as the principle of purchase, fully meet the appropriate drilling rig model under production conditions.

2. Advanced technology to meet certain production needs, but also on the technical performance of the drilling rig has some support, advanced processing technology, can reduce costs in the later maintenance or maintenance, to avoid the short-term elimination, resulting in certain economic losses. Enterprises should focus on the choice of long-term goals to maximize the benefits.

3. Operability and maintainability Intelligent mechanical equipment emphasize the simplification of complexity, in order to reduce the cost of learning, to facilitate the operation of the operator. This can avoid the lack of certain operational technical guidance due to the flow of workers, and facilitate rapid integration into engineering operations. Workers can master the operation skills, and can fundamentally solve the problem of project efficiency, so as to shorten the completion date. The later maintenance work is also more important. High-quality products are often durable and large pieces are not easy to damage.

4. In order to implement safety and environmental protection, a low-power, low-noise drilling rig is more conducive to urbanization construction. Diesel-driven machinery is easy to cause air pollution, which is not conducive to urban environmental protection. The safe and reasonable implementation of the operation is an important factor that enterprises should consider. It can guarantee whether the enterprise is long-term, whether the product is qualified, and whether the equipment is perfect.


Crawler Anchor Drill Rig


二、 Main Technical Parameters of Drilling Rig

1. The material and hardness of the drilling level should be selected according to the drilling surface of the slope protection project, and the material of the working surface should be considered as soil layer, hard rock, or other material.

2. Borehole diameter, depth, according to the demand for grouting hole to choose the different length, different aperture drill bit. At the same time, consider whether the trajectory of the drill frame and the pitch of the straight arm can meet the needs of the project. Generally consider whether the drilling diameter is appropriate, drilling depth and drilling speed can improve production efficiency.

3. Recycling investment of equipment. Crawler anchor drilling rig can be considered when idle rental, sale, transfer, and other ways to recover certain benefits. Generally, hot-selling products on the market are more hedged and can be secondary processing, through the sale to maximize benefits.

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