Jet Grouting Drilling Mine Rig
Jet Grouting Drilling Mine Rig
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Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: XiTan Equipment
Certification: CE; ISO9001:2015
Model Number: XL-50C
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: Container
Delivery Time: 7-120 days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 200 pieces/year
Product Name: XL-50C Crawler Jet Grouting Drill Rig
Drill Hole Depth: 50 M
Diameter Pile: 1.5 M
Drilling Way: Rotary
Type: Crawler
Power Type: Electric/Diesel
Application: Construction Works
Condition:: New
Torque: 3000 N·m
Weight: 2.8t
Product Description


Jet Grouting Drilling Mine Rig


Jet Grouting Drilling Mine Rig 0




1. Adopt full hydraulic control and easy and flexible operation. Crawler chassis loading, easy and quick to walk and move into position. Long power head stroke, reducing auxiliary time;

2. Direct-acting load feedback fine-tuning variable hydraulic system, power varies with load, high efficiency, low energy consumption;

3. A special valve for friction positioning is used in rotary, and its characteristics fully meet the requirements of the rotary jet process;

4. The wide range of variable speeds of the power head can meet the requirements of various strata and different drilling processes;

5. Compact structure, centralized operation, convenient and safe;

6. Equipped with vertical drill tower, power head rotation, and lifting speed display device;

7. With rotary bearing, hole position can be turned to trackside when needed;



Jet Grouting Drilling Mine Rig 1

Jet Grouting Drilling Mine Rig 2




It is suitable for the jet grouting construction of railroad, highway, bridge, dam foundations and various industrial and civil building foundation treatment and reinforcement; anchoring project of foundation pit support; with the air compressor and pneumatic submersible hammer supporting can follow the tube drilling, can carry out general rotary jet (swing jet, fixed jet) engineering construction, but also for shallow hole drilling and engineering survey drilling and other engineering construction.


Matching Drill Tools:

1. The single pipe drilling-spraying integration method, with a three-wing bit or one-shaped bit at the front end and Ф42 or Ф50 drill pipe; is suitable for high-speed drilling in soil and sand layers.

2. Rotary jet anchor cable method, with 65 lock bolt propeller and anchor drill pipe, suitable for anchor cable reinforcement.

3. Single tube, double tube, three tube rotary jet, swing jet, fixed jet, and other methods.


Jet Grouting Drilling Mine Rig 3



Optional Parts:

1. Jet Grouting Drilling Mine Reg is suitable for single, double, and triple pipe rotary jet, swing jet, fixed jet, and other methods.

2. Jet Grouting Drilling Mine Rig can be used together with XTB series foundation strengthening pump and automatic mixer.

3. Jet Grouting Drilling Mine Rig is combined with XiTian 5G intelligent cloud platform and diesel power unit.


Technical Data:

Mode XL-50C
Torque Max 3000 N·m
Weight 2.8t
Climbing Ability 30°
Speed 1km/h
Size Working(mm) 2600×1800×4600
Transportation(mm) 1780×1800×4600
Diameter Pile
Max Diameter 1.5m
Max Depth 50m
Power Head
Rotation Speed High 0—148r/min r/min Low 0—48r/min
Stroke 3.5m
Power Head Rated Lifting Force 30kN
Power Head Pressurization 12kN
Quick up-down 0~22/0~28 m/min
Diameter Ф42mm Ф50mm Ф73mm
Angle Left and right ± 3° Tilt 10° forward and 90° back
Depth 50m


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